Principal's Message

About 50 Kms. to the east of Valsad City, Government Arts College, Kaparada, the higher institution of learning is situated 1 Km. away from Kaparada town. Surrounded by hillocks, deep ravines and embellished with a variety of trees, Kaparada is a remote tribal taluka of Gujarat State. Popularly known as the Cherapunji of Gujarat, Kaparada experiences a heavy rainfall during monsoon. But, ironically, it faces acute water crisis during summer. Kaparada is distinct for its topography, panorama and indigenous culture. The hillocks, ravines, rocks and the flora and fauna around seem to have jointly transformed their existence into an essence to create this wonderful region and its equally wonderful inhabitants. With a vision capable of penetrating deep into the bosom of nature, Swami Vivekananda while ascending the Girnar Mountain in Saurashtra, did equate the steep height and slope of the mountain with the ups and downs of human life. Interpreting this analogy, we need to look at the harsh geographical region of Kaparada, the poor socio- economic condition and the simple, pure and innocent life of lovable inhabitants to transform the local challenges and opportunities into strength by way of expanding the horizons across the globe.

Dr. D. N. DewariPrincipal